Want to be a demo rider? 
Great opportunities here:

Clinician: Karen Rohlf - Dressage Naturally

Horse Criteria:

  • Horse Must be sound and fit

  • Horse must be without any known/chronic extreme behaviors (rearing, bolting, aggression)

Type of Riders:

  • Dressage rider of any level who has something they have been struggling with, or have had "trouble" getting help with from a "regular" dressage lesson or training

  • Competent Natural Horsemanship student who can ride without reins who is ready to learn dressage

Riders must be:

  • Able to be independently safe with their horses at the walk, trot and canter

  • Able to follow instructions

  • Comfortable talking with Karen in front of a crowd

  • Open-minded and positive attitude

Particular issues Karen can be helpful with in this forum:

  • crookedness

  • establishing working gaits

  • horse tight in body

  • rider not sure when they are "doing it right" in dressage

  • contact issues

  • horse holding tension

  • low energy

  • mild impulsiveness

Please apply with a video to info@dressagenaturally.net (No longer than 5 minutes) showing:

  • Typical walk, trot, canter

  • Any particular issue or challenge you are having with your horse

  • A few sentences about why you would love to be selected to play with Karen at the Expo

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